Arvin Huang


Web developer & Data engineer

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Focus on new technology especially web development and data engineering

Research in Graph Mining, Spatial-Temporal data, LBSN, Big data process and data mining

Interested in Music, Body building, Movie and Traveling

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My Projects

  • visually-lab

    Visually Lab

    An official website for visually lab which focuses on healthcare data visualization and analysis.

    Tools: Semantic-UI, express, nodejs, gulp

  • visually-barmap

    Death rate visuallization I

    Show how different causes of death and different counties can affect the death rate in Taiwan.

    Tools: Semantic-UI, D3.js

  • visually-genderdeathrate

    Death rate visuallization II

    Show how different between male and female in death rates in various causes of death.

    Tools: Semantic-UI, D3.js

  • Academia-project

    Ministry of Economic Affairs Technology Development Program for Academia

    • Webservice api designed and implemented.
    • Builded up MongoDB, MySQL Cluster and CloudFoundry.

    Tools: JSP, Servlet, MySQL Cluster, MongoDB, CloudFoundry

  • medical-cloud

    Medical cloud

    • Builded and managed hadoop cluster, mysql cluster, openstack and git server.
    • Data Migration from MySQL to HDFS, using sqoop.

    Tools: Hadoop, sqoop, mysql cluster, git, openstack

  • sodar

    Sodar - social radar

    A location-based social app on Android can find your friends nearby and do some cool stuff together.

    Tools: facebook api, android, mysql, servlet

  • sunshystar

    sunshystar - random chat room for NTOU

    A random chat room for NTOU students; Random select the person you can chatting with.

    Tools: Java, swing, mysql, servlet

  • PAKDD 2014 webapp

    An offical webapp for PAKDD conference 2014. cross-platform from web and android.

    Tools: JQuery-mobile, Phonegap, HTML5, CSS3

  • sodar

    SITW group search site

    • Used school's open data to build a site for student searching group information.
    • Used OSQA to build an QA site called sitw-qa(not available now).

    Tools: NodeJS, AngularJS, OSQA

  • sunshyboyz

    sunshyboyz - internal social website

    An internal social website for our own department, just copy parts of functions from facebook, but you can press "fuxx" on posts, lol.

    Tools: ASP.NET, SQL-server

  • sunshystar

    Chrome extensions - yahoo dictionary

    Tried to build an useful and customize dictionary extension for myself and by myself.

    Tools: JavaScript, JQuery-ui

  • sodar

    Canvas slide

    A slide that you can draw anything while you presenting. Builded for introduce AWS when I interned in

    Tools: NodeJS, HTML5 Canvas, reveal.js

  • sunshystar

    blog plugin - delicious food around MRT

    Used css and javascript to build a MRT route for my friend to use in her blog. (modify from codepen)

    Tools: JavaScript, CSS3

My Thesis

Graph Searching on Malware Activities for Online THREAT Identification

We analyzed the query log of anti-virus software from security domain experts’ suspicion, found Temporal Concentrative Property (TCP) between query logs and targets (CVEs or malware family, etc), and then further identified the Suspect Rising Attack Factor (SRAF).

In our experimental results, it showed that we can find the k-approximation targets that give us a verification of the original idea.



2012 Evernote Hackathon - A platform for user to sell their notes.

Used Evernote api, PayPal api and Kickstrapter framework to create an “Online Notes-Trading Platform” in 30 hours.

2012 Yahoo Open Hack Day - A Photo recommended website.

Combined Flickr api and google api to create a “Photo recommended website”, based on LBS and spatial-temporal data filtering.

2010 ITSA Programming Contest, Ministry of Education

Got 10th in more than 250 teams.

6th Center for Talented Youth, Venture Capital Competition

Champion, project name: “SweetShopping”-- bound Augmented Reality and store information.


  • Used Aapche Solr to help build up a full-text search engine.
  • Used WebSocket + Redis + akka to help build a internal Pub/Sub system.

  • Emerging Threat Sourcing Evaluation.
  • System Design by using Graph DB (Neo4j).
  • Performance Evaluation.

  • Project of Spring Party, Head of Advertisement Section. Led group members arranging performances and marketing activities.
  • Project of Closing ceremony, filming group leader.

  • 2012 Microsoft Computex Tester
  • Setup, tested and maintained the software and hardware that will be used in Computex.